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Dyson Vacuum Servicing and Repairs

Dyson Vacuum Maintenance Care Plan Membership

Join thousands of customers who already trust Cs Dyson Servicing to look after their vacuum cleaners.

Our research shows that many vacuum cleaner break-downs are the result of lack of maintenance. The purpose of our service cover plan is to ensure your vacuum cleaner is always working at its best, and also to prolong the life of your vacuum.

Benefits of our care plan include –

  • Annual In-Home service after 12 month.

  • Free filter replacement when we carry out your annual service.

  • Unlimited Free call out & Labour (Subject to a fair use policy)

  • Free replacements of any faulty parts.

  • Free like for like replacement Dyson if we are unable to repair yours.

  • Accidental damage covered.

At times, we can all take a clean home for granted and when you least expect it (usually just before you’re having friends or family over) your Dyson vacuum cleaner breaks down causing panic amongst the home you pride so much.

Take the hassle away and sign up to our Dyson Care Plan from only £5.99 a month. Minimise your down time and enjoy the peace of mind knowing you’re Dyson will always be working at its top performance.

*Please note. This maintenance plan is between you (The Customer) and CS Dyson Servicing and not between the customer and the vacuum manufacturer.

**Also note: Your vacuum cleaner is only covered if it is used for the purpose for which is was intended. Any machines stored outside or subjected to liquids of any kind or pet soil will not be covered.

***All replacement parts are subject to availability. Alternatives for obsolete or out of stock items will be offered where possible, but we cannot guarantee the supply of any part.


Why should I join the care plan?

The value of carpeting and soft furnishings in the home has risen dramatically over the past few years and your vacuum cleaner carries a huge responsibility in looking after a considerable investment of thousands of pounds worth of carpets, upholstery and curtains etc.

Health and hygiene have never been more prominent with seemingly new diseases and viruses being discovered every day. Your vacuum cleaner is the first line of defense in keeping your home hygienic and dirt-free.

Is the care plan like an insurance plan?

No, not at all. Lots of companies offer ‘extended warranties’ or ‘insurance policies’. But these often do not offer value for money for the customer. With extended warranties and insurance policies you pay a premium and then at the end of the policy term if you have not made a claim the insurance company has all of your money and you have nothing to show for it. With our Care plan even if your vacuum has worked perfectly throughout the term of the membership, each year we will send an engineer out to your home to fully service your vacuum leaving it working at its maximum efficiency ready for another years’ faithful service.

Can I just sign up online and be covered straight away?

To become a member we do need to carry out a full service on your vacuum. Simply call us on 01274 011950 to arrange your service and become a member.

What is the ‘Fair Use Policy?

We will happily send out an engineer to your home to rectify problems with your vacuum but we will not call out for general maintenance tasks such as emptying bins, washing filters, removing hair from brush rolls etc which are tasks designed to be performed by the user.

Is there a discount if you have more than one vacuum on a membership plan?

Yes, as long as they are in the same location. Contact us for further details.

Dyson Vacuum Servicing

Many customers find it an inconvenience bind to take their heavy vacuum cleaner into a high street shop for servicing or repairs. In response to this we have introduced a mobile service to stop all the worry and hassle that comes with this. All our engineers are experienced in Dyson Repairs and competent servicing a range of vacuums.

We have a great reputation and we provide ourselves in offering a competitively priced, fast, efficient and reliable Dyson Servicing.

What is the difference between using CS Dyson Servicing and my local guy/company?

Choosing the right company to correctly service or repair your Dyson Vacuum is very important. Unfortunately, as many of the major manufacturers warn their customers, there are lots of ‘one man bands’ who set themselves up as engineers working from home without having the correct training, tools or knowledge to correctly service your appliance. ALWAYS ensure that you are dealing with a professional company that is fully insured and have premises that you can visit and are not simply amateurs ‘giving it a go’ working from home. All of our operatives are our Technicians are DBS checked and insured, they wear their ID's whenever they're out at work.

Since CS Dyson Servicing was founded in 2012 we have grown for 11 consecutive years and now have a very large customer base who trust the care of their Dyson vacuum cleaner to us. Our customers live across the North, from Yorkshire, Lancashire and beyond. From research we found that CS Dyson Servicing are the best reviewed company on google and Facebook across the whole of the North..

In-Home Servicing from only £35*. 


Dyson Repairs

Would I be better off buying a new one?

From 1st September 2015 EU regulations now restrict the power of vacuum cleaner motors which for many customers means that they are replacing their existing machine with a less powerful one. In August 2015 the Which? consumer group said “

…seven of the vacuums it has award Best Buy status to since 2013 would be banned under the new regulations. “So if you’re in the market for a powerful vacuum, you should act quickly, before all of the models currently available sell out”. The wattage will be limited to only 900 watts by 2017 – further restricting choice. Current cleaners typically boast an average of 1,800 watts.”

It is better for the environment to repair an existing vacuum than replacing the whole thing with a new one. Very few appliances are completely beyond repair and it costs very little to have a comprehensive fault diagnosis.

On many occasions people automatically think of replacing an appliance when often the fault is a very simple one to rectify.

The cost of replacing a whole vacuum cleaner is massively more than the cost of an average repair.

Will a service/repair carried out by CS Dyson Servicing void or affect the manufacturer’s warranty?

Absolutely not. A customer has the right to have an appliance serviced by any company they choose but providing that the correct parts are fitted and that a full written record is kept of the work carried out.

Many manufacturers try to convince their customers that their warranty will be adversely affected if the customer chooses an alternative supplier. But in fact there are strict EU anti-competition rules which specifically prevent manufacturers from doing this.

Aren’t my filters supposed to last a lifetime?

Certain manufacturers would have us believe that their vacuum cleaners are fitted with a ‘lifetime’ filter. But this is not true, unless they think that their product is to only last a few years. The purpose of a filter is to FILTER which, by definition, means that it must retain the particles that it was designed to filter. Whether it be an oil filter, an air filter or any other mechanical filter sooner or later it will become full with the particles it was designed to retain and need to be replaced.

Most vacuum cleaner ‘lifetime’ filters are little more than a crude sponge with a screen mesh. It is true that they can be washed through a few times but eventually they become so impregnated with dirt that washing will not thoroughly remove the retained particles.

In fact ‘vacuum’ cleaners are misnamed. Vacuum cleaners should actually be called ‘air flow’ cleaners. Nothing moves in a vacuum and vacuum cleaners rely on strong air flow to both pick up dirt and keep their motor cool. The cleaner the filters the greater the airflow which directly leads to increased dirt pick up and increased motor life.

What’s included in a service?

We will arrange a service appointment time with you either at your home or your place of work and at a time that is convenient to you.

Your Service Technician will be fully trained and insured, arrive in a sign written vehicle and wear a full uniform complete with I.D.

Your Appliance will be completely disassembled right down to its component parts, clearing all blockages as they are found.

Each part will be carefully examined for defects.

If your Appliance requires any replacement parts then your Service Technician will thoroughly explain to you exactly which parts are needed and why. It will be totally your decision whether to purchase them or not.

If you choose to have the parts replaced your Service Technician will fit any necessary new parts, thoroughly clean all parts and reassemble and polish your appliance ready for another year's faithful service.

All replaced parts will be disposed of and your home will be left clean and tidy.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit card.

Your Service Report/Invoice will be emailed to you so you have a permanent record of the vacuum service history.

Are parts included in a service?

If our service technician finds a fault that requires a repair without new parts such as a loose connection or an adjustment then the cost is included as part of the service.

If the appliance requires any parts to be replaced then the technician will fully explain why the new part is required and the cost of it. It is then entirely your choice whether to have it replaced or not. We will not spend your money without your permission.

I have never thought of having a service done before.

Your vacuum cleaner does a very important job in your home. Not only is it the main appliance responsible for keeping your home clean and hygienic but it also helps to protect thousands of pounds worth of carpeting and soft furnishing in the average home.

We know that having an efficient vacuum cleaner is a high priority because for most consumers if their vacuum cleaner suddenly broke beyond repair then they would replace it on their next day off. If your washing machine breaks down then you can use a launderette but if your vacuum cleaner stops working you can’t take your carpets out to be cleaned!

All vacuum cleaners suffer from blockages which vastly adversely affect their performance and cause the motor to overheat and wear out prematurely. A regular routine service both increases the vacuum’s efficiency and it’s useful life.

Is there a warranty with parts fitted at a service or repair?

Yes, all parts that we supply and fit are covered with a full 12 month warranty against manufacturer's defects. (This excludes consumables such as filters, belts etc.)

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